Gold Cold has produced whole body cryotherapy rooms since 1988, we have produced the cold rooms for our own use, so our cold room is cheap, comfortable, reliable and safe. Since 2007 we started to use round shaped whole body cryotherapy room, this ensures very good air circulation and very even distribution of cold inside the cold room.

Our main focus is in:

  • Production and selling of whole body cryotherapy devices
  • Instruction of the personnel who is working with the whole body cryotherapy device

Our whole body cryotherapy device is not ready-built, it is assembled of modules that can be carried through doors, staircases and elevators therefor it is easily transportable.

Effects of cold therapy

While in the chamber, the blood vessels in the body begin to vasoconstrict to protect its core temperature.
Repeatedly done short time whole body extreme cold exposure at -110C to -130C (-170C can also be achieved) causes long-time reduction of inflammation and pain, increases speed and strength of athletes, improves muscle recovery after strenuous exercises, produces improvement of general well being.

Main indications

All forms of arthritis
Atopic dermatitis
Treatment of athletes

Contact for more info

Tonis Pai, M.D. rheumatologist, board member of private limited company Gold Cold OÜ Contact details:
Phone: +3725087674
Address Kabli 2, Tallinn, 13516, Estonia